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This JavaScript project provides a one-file JavaScript test suite.

This is based off unittest.js from prototypejs, except this library has no dependency on prototype.js so there is no chance your code-under-test can conflict with prototype.js or that you might accidently use a prototype.js helper for a library that will be deployed independently off prototypejs.


Get the latest here: jsunittest.js

The basics

Whereever you were testing with unittest.js, drop in jsunittest.js instead (and update your <script src="../assets/unittest.js"...> to use jsunittest.js).

Same API as unittest.js

Passing Prototypejs Unittest Tests

How to do JavaScript unit testing




How to submit patches

Read the 8 steps for fixing other people’s code and for section 8b: Submit patch to Google Groups, use the Google Group above.

The source project is a Git repository. See Dr Nic’s master branch for clone/checkout details.


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.


Comments are welcome. Send an email to Dr Nic Williams via the forum

Dr Nic Williams, 18th February 2008
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